Welcome to Edava Consulting Ltd

We are delighted to welcome and we want you to come back too.

I hope you like our pages, our approach is, I hope, a little different from the run of the mill, although we have to admit standing out from the crowd is not as easy as just saying we are different.

As a group we have been around for a while – over 25 years in some cases, yes we started young. We think it gives us a real advantage though, we have actually done the roles we are recruiting for and have run the types of businesses we are working with.

There is no need, although sometimes it does help, to run through a JD for a KP or JD for CdP – we get it, we get on with it and you get what you need when you need it.

We do always want to meet if possible though for those soft facts and look and feel of the business.

When we are searching for that key new member of staff for you, it’s likely that they will ask “why should I go there?” “what’s in it for me?” Those soft facts are crucial, where the business is going what they are trying to achieve – these points matter.

The right candidate may well be enjoying their current role and although keen to progress are not actually on the market, the hidden talent.

We estimate that over 50% of the candidate work we do has come from finding them via our own network, LinkedIn or referral to us.

Advertising does have it’s place too.

Welcome to the Edava way – different we hope, always client-focused and fairly priced.

Advise, engage, fulfill…